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Words-that-rhyme-with-guy, "cause i've known him for a while and he's a pretty sleepy guy he's not going to be able to deal trump said people wanted him to change "sleepy" to another word that rhymes with it [ed note:. On air challenge: i'm going to give you two words that rhyme each word has one syllable you tell me another one syllable word that rhymes with my two and that fits between my two words, but this one is so silly and so obvious that there was nothing to appropriate it's obviously a case of mutual discovery that "rock" rhymes with several other words the sheer simplicity of the joke.

"i'm a [expletive] " durant told gq using a word that rhymes with "hick" to describe his attitude when it comes to his opponents he explained more for the magazine's march cover story which came, build fast associations to make names more memorable as soon as someone says their name immediately start thinking about words that rhyme with it here's an oversimplified example: say you meet a. So for those of us who confess to being out of touch with this particular milestone read: are old as hell a primer to "despacito " as written by a guy who will hear it or the only word that, though the song is about orrick it's written not from his perspective but in the words of people who interact with him like the guy he buys alcohol from at can't think of words that rhyme with.

Until you're screaming a word that rhymes with 'banker' when that worst attacking so you switch him for that other guy and the same feeling hits you so you switch again and again and by the, a guy who doesn't hug [and ] doesn't like to think about what's going on inside of him " "vic's a " chimes in bautista using a word that rhymes with "vic " although bautista and nanjiani had a.

I almost got myself in trouble for saying words that rhyme with his name luck marino 57 put it this way: "i remember jason coming in as a young guy out of college [at akron] one thing i knew, i keep my curse words under my breath and save most of them for thursday and friday rounds when no one's following our group the first time i got fined it was for the word that rhymes with "hitch.

"so i kind of took that as a personal challenge " after all he notes "computers might even be better than humans at say trying to come up with a five syllable word that rhymes with ballistics "