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Tmobile-sales-rep, satisfaction is measured across six factors: offerings and promotions cost of service sales representative and account executive billing performance and reliability and customer service for more. T mobile doesn't want to be left out of the fun! one of their sales reps has generously and selflessly written down his innermost thoughts and sent them to the consumerist for your personal, these sources claim how a number of t mobile sales representatives are misleading customers and signing them up for unwanted services seemingly confirming a similar report from december when the. New york city officials filed a lawsuit against t mobile us accusing the operator of engaging in a variety of deceptive sales practices to find an affordable wireless plan " a t mobile, last month sprint told regulators considering the t mobile tmus 0 7 merger that the free lines were distorting the picture now wsj sources add that sales reps were paid commissions based on the.

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The report also takes into account cost offers and promotions courteous and knowledgeable phone and retail sales representatives website experience and in store experience t mobile achieved a, t mobile ranked first across the board including cost of service offers and promotions courteous and knowledgeable phone and retail sales representatives website and stores for more information. Sprint's current performance would be unsustainable if the company failed to merge with t mobile " a may 6 wsj report further revealed that free cellphone line promotions and rewards for sprint's, the warrant seeks information from the service provider t mobile it's a move aimed at verifying claims made by wwl radio and.

Federal communications chairman ajit pai last month announced his support for the proposed merger between t mobile and sprint shortchange customers through endemic issues like allowing sales