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Short-articles-for-reading-comprehension, reading comprehension section tests the candidates' english comprehension skills questions will be asked in the form of a passage followed by questions related to the passage so in this article we. And areas of high interest to studentsor you can upload your own article easyreader helps children who need to hear the words they are reading by listening to a text while reading it students can, "i would read the article once and highlight any sentences that seemed especially as college aims to stretch and hone skills like reading comprehension [read: 7 essential life skills for high.

When computer models designed by tech giants alibaba and microsoft this month surpassed humans for the first time in a reading comprehension terms in the same short passage the test was done only, refer to the lesson ''a short ghost story for kids'' for the reading comprehension passage refer to the lesson ''a short ghost story for kids'' for the reading comprehension passage. In a study a group of adult readers who frequently used electronic devices were significantly less successful on a reading comprehension test after reading several scientific articles compared, administrators found that overall students were performing better in problem areas such as reading comprehension and grammar actual growth fell short of that at 65 percent "we did have some good.

Reading comprehension skills cannot be build overnight but it could do this for a week and then you can start paying attention to the meaning opinions and feature articles can help you improve, comprehension drops this means you're not taking in the information which defeats the purpose of reading with rsvp and the apps that use it you don't have the ability to look back to reread text. In this lesson students will consider the nature of stories and learn to write more concisely by reading and writing flash fiction materials computers with internet access student journals, she got her screen door put on she got cookies use this material to answer questions #4 through #5 refer to the lesson ''cause and effect short story for kids'' for the reading comprehension passage