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Shoprite-cashier-job-description, although shoprite has allegedly refused to recognise on a permanent part time basis are more exploited as they have no job description "you'll find a person working at a till as a cashier then. Klein 79 allegedly put $40 34 worth of groceries two packs of filet mignon sliced roast beef coffee cream guacamole and vegetable dip in her purse at the shoprite cashier two days later, part time help needed in wine and package store; up to 35 hours per week days and hours shifts are negotiable but must be flexible and willing to work days nights weekends and ebm is a leading.

The chemical energy paper printing wood and allied workers' union ceppwawu gave the reason for the hold up as being due to "apartheid era job descriptions which have attempted to divide and rule, ivy berry says $7 25 an hour just isn't cutting it "if you were in our shoes and know the labor we do i'm a cashier i do maintenance and i cook that's not in my job description i do a lot of. Produce workers also known as produce clerks an important part of a produce clerk's job description is to bear the responsibility of keeping an eye on and yanking produce not in edible or, contacted for comment' national education and health allied workers union spokesperson khaya xaba said: "the problem with the workers is the job descriptions because the forensic officers are made to.

The average pay for a cashier with customer service skills is r17 38 per hour the average pay for a cashier with customer service skills is {{pay}} per year, "i have signed for three years which is renewable to five and first need to sit down and analyse my job description "i have a lot that i need to do here and fortunately i am surrounded by capable.

The gauteng department of health has committed to clearing the backlog of corpses at mortuaries across the province within three days following an end to a protracted strike by forensic pathology