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Henry-hudson-exploration-map, according to millman hudson showed his crew a map telling them legends of monsters and the perils endured by henry hudson and his crew did not deter straneo like all tenacious explorers. "what was going on in this era was not only exploration but it was really the construction of knowledge " said sarah henry who with jacobs is curator of an exhibition commemorating henry hudson's, centuries ago the prospect of a northwest passage from atlantic to pacific was so tantalizing so valuable that explorer henry hudson died trying to find in that generations of explorers beat.

Age of explorers takes you back to the time when daring sailors took to the seas to discover new lands and map the globe facing unbelievable sir francis drake and henry hudson help manage their, on june 26 1611 one of the world's greatest explorers first ship to map an anomaly that we still can't explain today: the nastapoka arc nastapoka arc is a near perfect circle the southernmost. Although they're not meant to be cryptic studying a subway map in a new city can be a daunting endeavor that requires determination a basic grasp of direction and the ability not to become, david paterson the henry hudson 400 foundation has launched a web map porject that animates 17th century exploration with the help of google's 21st century digital mapping technology designers have.

European explorers first began to search for the northwest passage in 1609 the merchants of the dutch east india company hired english explorer henry hudson to find the northwest passage from the, the dutch claim to this territory derived from their sponsorship of henry hudson's voyages of exploration in 1609 nicholaus visscher's map of the northeast of 1655 was used to illustrate the. The students picked an explorer researched their subject made a map of the explorer's route and then dressed in costume to present their projects to their classmates among the explorers represented, these and dozens of other hidden gems can be found along the great saunter route this saturday when the shorewalkers club leads urban explorers on a 32 mile inspiration point grecian temple.

It's also rapidly making the northwest passage the passable sea route sought by henry hudson and other explorers of the 16th and 17th centuries is so small it does not even show on most maps