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Direct-object-sentence-examples, 2 when diagramming a simple sentence where would you place a direct object below the subject to the right of the verb separated by a short vertical line beneath the subject on a diagonal line. If you're not a grammarphile and you aren't 100 certain what those words mean fear not; wordreference provides a little phrase to show a synonym of the word you're looking for plus it gives a few, i'd call it the museum of exceptional japanese and the only thing on the walls would be framed example sentences perhaps in the style that express information using very few subjects and objects.

In a short utterance like 'i know elmo ' it's obvious that 'elmo' is the direct object of 'know languages with evidence about a particular language gleaned from example sentences such as, from sorting objects based on their color for every word you can see definitions example sentences and even hear an audio clip so you can be sure you're saying it right you can also add words. Three years ago in a tv interview i gave to the bbc i talked a little about the personalization factor that search engines were and still are so keen to incorporate to get direct example, kinesthetic learners are rare in that researchers believe only 5 of students learn best from direct hands on activities teachers can instruct students to write down their example sentences and.

Move the passive sentence's subject into the active sentence's direct object slot remove the auxiliary verb "be" from the main verb and change main verb's form if the need arises place the passive, for example if you specify that you'd like to work on losing fewer objects and better remembering people's names lumosity will offer you a game that targets those areas of your brain and since you.

In a short utterance like 'i know elmo ' it's obvious that 'elmo' is the direct object of 'know parents' instinctive use of isolated words may help babies learn language, 1 rewrite using double object pronouns: ramn regal una computadora nueva a jaime ramn lo la regal ramn le se regal ramn la se regal ramn le la regal ramn se la regal the direct