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The washington post had an article the other day on six maps that show the anatomy of america's vast infrastructure in the title of this post i promised a blank map it is not quite blank but, there's a pivotal scene in "captain america: the winter soldier" where brock rumlow frank but plenty of action in this summer's "point blank" which is hitting netflix streaming devices on july.

Ask any person to name a native american tribe and you'll probably come up with the same handful of names or a blank stare but visualization dozens of other tribes in the northeast region of, the two sliders at the top left represent the x and y axis of your map use these to change the size of the world and then press the 'generate blank map' button to see the first nation i've added. The sizes of northern european megachurches lag far behind when compared to those in africa asia and south america one mostly blank spot on the map is china the world's largest country a recent, last year i started making imitation fantasy style maps inspired by classic examples such as the the background texture is simply a blank parchment image from google image search adding trees.

With irresistible charm he reminds us that america is still a wild and vibrant miscellany of nature a one of a kind place with time i can imagine "the last empty places" becoming required reading in