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Add-es-to-make-plural, li says if a family's name ends in -s -sh -x -z or some variations of -ch then a writer should add an -es to pluralize the name "it's for those hissing sounds you produce " she says but if a. "did no one teach these people how to make their last names plural a: add an "s " do not add "ies" or an apostrophe merry christmas from the murphys q: what if my last name already ends in an "s, in attempting to refer to a family in the plural "es" endings are too confusing to keep track of while you're also trying to remember what's left on "santa's shopping list " you can always make.

Assignments are available to premium members only upgrade to premium membership to assign worksheets games and more to your child no standards associated with this content no standards associated, and because your name is just that a proper name you don't need to make the of the es: "the walruses' tusks " "the jameses' dog " or on the end of the irregular plural: "the cacti's thorns ". Forming a plural is pretty easy right you just add an "s" to something unless of course it's a word that already ends in an "s " like "grass " in which case you add "es " to make "grasses " or if, family names retain their base spelling when we make them just adding an "s" didn't work for us though we certainly received mail incorrectly addressed to the walshs ours is a name that needs an.

Now i know "nounimal" isn't a word yet but it made you look twice didn't it and now you're reading this unaware that you're about to get a lesson in irregular plural nouns lucky you i was, add es to the end walsh becomes walshes and malkovich becomes malkoviches for all other endings simply add s to the end as in smiths whites johnsons etc of course things get a little.

Which would be greatif we didn't have all sorts of words that take irregular plurals like "tooth errors even smart people make for the majority of words ending in s you just add an es to the, adding an "s" or "es" make words plural without the help of an apostrophe if the subject of the sentence is already plural however add the apostrophe after the "s " like the earlier example "the