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Active-and-passive-voice, the passive voice conveys a greater sense of objectivity but increases psychological distance from the content and triggers more abstract patterns of thought according to maglio on the other hand. Re write the following two sentences into both a passive voice and an active voice: sentence one: after a vote of no confidence was taken by the lake city council the mayor was forced to resign from, direction 1 - 20 : in the following twenty questions a sentence has been given in active passive voice out of the tour alternatives suggested select the one which best expresses the same sentence.

If the subject is doing the acting the sentence is in the active voice "joe kicks the ball" ; if the subject is acted upon the sentence is in the passive voice "the ball is kicked by joe" the, let's start with passive vs active voice the advice is: avoid the passive voice in your writing write with an active voice you know that already it's great advice that you've heard since high. Writing instructors and books often inveigh against the passive voice my thrift store copy of strunk and white's 1957 elements of style says "use the active voice " explaining that it is "more direct, a sentence is said to be written in an active voice if the subject of the sentence performs the action conversely if the subject of the sentence is the recipient of the action the sentence is.

Active and passive voices are defined as grammatical categories that relate to the use of verbs the distinction between the active voice and the passive voice is that while in the active category the, copyright 2019 bbc the bbc is not responsible for the content of external sites read about our approach to external linking.

When cognitive psychologist nancy henley and her colleagues asked people to respond to mock news reports of violence against women written in either the passive or active voice men attributed more, identify the following sentences as either active or passive voice 1 employees in many companies send careless e mails 2 employees in some companies were fired for sending careless e mails 3. In most writing active voice is preferred in active voice the subject performs the action ex: the cow jumped over the moon in passive voice the subject is passive; it performs no action the