Facts You Need to Know About Stoner Rock

Amazingly enough, this is a rock band that was named after smoking weed. How cool is that? The rock and roll music has evolved ever since the 60’s and at the same time, it has some different types of names. Among all of them, the most fascinating name that came along is Stoner rock. The name is said to have come from RoadRunner Records. This happened when they were releasing ‘Burn one up’. This is in reference with Cannabis. Another name that is associated with them is Desert Rock.



It is really an interesting genre of music. This is a slow song with a very high guitar sound. It is a mixture of basically everything that comes with rock music. This is the effect of weed and rock and roll. It is not always very slow music, but rather fast at some point. So you can easily have said that it is a combination of all sorts of musical instruments at the same time and rock and roll.




Even though a lot of credit is given to Kyuss and Sleep who really catapulted the whole thing in the early 1990’s. It is in the earlier 60’s that the stoner rock, as well as the stoner metal, really started. The real beginners of this music are said to be the Blue Cheer who is said to have formed the band in 1967. Most of the fans of these sorts of music will really know the hit ‘Summertime blues, this was Eddie’s famous cover song. They shared some simple outdoor games for adults that became popular in the 90s 


Since you know that many fanatics of a heavy metal band really consider that Blue cheer are the pioneers of this genre of music. Many other artists to date have come up with all sorts of hit songs that fit the stoner rock, the band that from Kyuss who can be said to be the real deal were not at all big fanatics of metal rock.


This genre has really developed over the years and up to date it is really celebrated and performed especially when smoking marijuana. Ever since Black Sabbath really preached about marijuana and its sweetness, we have got to know the stoner metal music. The most famous stoner rock band of all time and their tracks are; Dopesmoker- sleep, Good luck and good speed Weed Eater, Worship Bong ripper, DopeThrone –Electric Wizard. These are some of the tracks that have evolved with this metal music but a few.


As earlier stated that this music was born with the influence of weed. So many fanatics of this metal music have been associated with marijuana and this has evolved from time in memorial. As every fan around the globe goes on to listen to this metal music, they do it as they smoke marijuana just as what the forefathers of stoner music used to do. Artist from every genre, even reggae great, Bob Marley has performed some of the music that is being linked to stoner rock. We can easily say that even though stoner rock originated way back in the 60’s it is here to stay.